OptionVue Version 8.60 is available January 7, 2021

This affects all users regardless of version.

Some users have experienced issues entering dates into text boxes. Upon entering dates later than December 31st, 2020, they get a warning window stating “Not a valid entry”. It has since been resolved with this new release. This is the only change that has been made.

To find out your current version, while running optionvue, click on the help tab and select “about optionvue”.

For Versions 8.58 and 8.59:
If you are using version 8.58 or 8.59 please upgrade the program when prompted as usual.

For Version 8.56 and 8.57:
We recognize a number of users do not wish to upgrade for various reasons. Therefore, we have updated versions 8.56 and 8.57 to only reflect this change. Please refer to the following instructions depending on your version.

1. Depending on the version you use, navigate to one of the following links.
Version 8.56: https://www.optionvue.info/opvue856/
Version 8.57: https://www.optionvue.info/opvue857/

2. Download the optionvue8-update.exe program and save it to your optionvue root folder. For most users, this will be in C:\OpVue8. Note: the upgrader will not work if the installer is not saved in the same location where optionvue.exe program exists.

3. Run the updater.

4. Microsoft Defender in some instances may view this as an unrecognized application. If you get the blue window, please click on the underlined “more info”, select “run anyway” and finally follow the updater instructions.