OptionVue Version 8.58 is available November 6, 2020


  • Quotes Display has been updated to provide more comprehensive historical earnings and upcoming earnings announcement dates. Companies which are expected to announce over the coming 30 days will show an expected announcement date along with the expected time of day (AMC=After Market Close; BMO=Before Market Opens). These dates will also show in bold. Dates which are followed by an “e” indicate the announcement date is an estimate, whereas dates with no additional characters or symbols indicate a date is confirmed. Dates which appear in grey are the most recent historical announcement date we have for that company.


  • When opening the price charts for certain symbols, some customers experienced issues where the price chart window would open but would receive a message indicating no data could be displayed. This has been amended to allow the price chart to properly render.
  • When changing symbols in the price log to those not recognized by OptionVue, the program would show an exception window upon connecting the ThinkorSwim for data. These errors will be ignored in this release which will allow the program to continue running but will not update quotes for that particular symbol. We don’t recommend changing the symbol in the trade log. As an alternative, we suggest using the note or strategy fields to add additional identifying information.