OptionVue version 8.52 started shipping February 8, 2019.


When importing futures options trades from TOS into the T.Log, we were able to make the description field fill in with more complete information.

General Maintenance Items

  1. The program would produce an incorrect Analyze graph when trying to analyze potential trades that fully offset existing open option positions or legs of a complex position. This was corrected. OptionVue users were having to convert a potential trade in order to see an accurate Analyze graph, and then go into the T. Log and delete the trade. These steps should no longer be necessary.
  2. Thetas in the TLT matrix were affected by a recent change, becoming unusable. This problem was solved.
  3. When clicking the “Options” label in the upper left area of the Matrix to switch between considering only calls, only puts, or both, the side-by-side graph would not update automatically. Now it does.