Current Release Notes

OptionVue version 8.53 started shipping February 15, 2019.


1. A new field in the upper left area of the Matrix allows you to type the symbol of another asset you want to switch to.

Note: We plan to add a similar field in the Price Chart form in a coming release. 2. When sending trades over to ToS, the program was always able to handle the standard strategies (up to 4 legs), but not oddball strategies. Now we enabled OptionVue to handle odd strategies such as +3 calls 2450, -1 call 2575, +3 calls 2600, -2 2500 puts (up to 4 legs).

Problem Fixes

1. As mentioned in the previous release, the program would produce an incorrect Analyze graph when trying to analyze potential trades that fully offset existing open option positions or legs of a complex position. We corrected this for most situations. However, a bit more work was needed.

See What Was Done in Previous Releases of the OptionVue Software


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