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OptionVue version 8.45 started shipping Sept 7 2018.

Problem Fixes

1. When using IB quotes, whenever quotes were disconnected for any reason, they would not
restart because the OVHelper file was not closing properly.  A computer shutdown or Task Manager manual close of OVHelper was
required to restore IB quotes. The OVHelper file has been corrected and this problem has been resolved.

2. In the ES Matrix, there could sometimes be a duplicate expiration among the weeklys.  This was corrected.

3. In Define Options, in the Expirations table, the program now accepts entering ‘S’ and ‘T’ to represent the Monday and Wednesday
weekly expirations.

4. In the Matrix, D.Pos represents delta position.  We want delta position to be blank whenever there is no position (as it has always
been), but whenever there is a position, we want delta position to be displayed, even if it is 0.00.  The Matrix was not always doing
that.  It could display an extremely low delta position as a blank.  Now it always displays a number when you have a position in that
option.  Ditto for G.Pos (gamma position).