All Results Presented are Hypothetical for educational purposes only and do not include slippage or commissions
There is a substantial risk of loss in trading financial instruments of any kind including stocks, futures and options.  
Clients should consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation, before trading.  
Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  
You're The Options Expert

The Earnings Plays Module is available to all OptionVue 8
clients as an annual subscription for $1,200 per year.

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In this video Len Yates introduces the Earnings Plays and
shows how easy it is to track trading opportunities and exactly
what action to take, including when to get in and out of the trade.
Recorded Demonstration by Product Consultant James Hogan.
James demonstrates how to use the Earnings Plays module. He goes over
the five categories of Earnings Plays, how to place the trades, and shares
valuable tips learned from his experience trading them in the real world.
The five strategies covered by the new Earnings Plays module are:
  • Prime Movers: Stocks that make big moves - options tend to be undervalued.
  • Prime Non-Movers: Stocks that make smaller-than-expected moves, options tend to be overvalued.
  • Earnings Pairs: Two stocks in the same industry, only one of which is announcing earnings.
  • Echoes - Two stocks in the same industry, with one announcing 1-18 days after the other.
  • Runners - Stocks that tend to "run" in price after the earnings announcement.

This system is based on the hypothetical results actual trades would have experienced in the past and shows you a
quality ranking for each trade along with its past success rate.  Detailed instructions tell you exactly when to open and
close each trade based on past historical performance of those trades. Each week sophisticated search algorithms
are performed in the servers which produce the all-important stock lists. These lists can then be imported
automatically into your OptionVue program based on the filter settings you choose for qualifying candidates.

Earnings Plays is NOT a trading system!

It is designed to present you with a list of potential trades every week for you to look at. This not only
saves you a lot of time, but also notifies you of potential earnings related trades you might otherwise miss.

Still, we always get the question: What if I blindly and mechanically do every trade as if I I were a complete idiot with no
understanding of how to trade options? We do place the recommended trades to see how they do and the results are
encouraging. Each quarter is a bit different, and the most profitable strategy in one quarter might not be profitable in
the next. By the same token, one that underperformed last quarter might give you spectacular gains this quarter.
Simply doing all potential trades using the default quality settings returned 105% in the 1st quarter 2016, 34% in the
2nd quarter, 155% in the 3rd quarter and 78% in the 4th quarter. Below is a detailed breakdown for the 4th quarter.
Results from Earnings Season for Fourth Quarter 2016
Starting with $20,000 in capital
we placed all recommended
trades according to the default
settings. There were a total of 91
recommended trades in all five
categories combined.

You choose the quality settings
used, and of course pick and
choose trades you want to place,
or simply focus on one or more
of the possible strategies.

In this test we placed all trades
using $2,000 so you can see
how the recommended trades
and each strategy performed. In
the 4th quarter there were 58%
winners and a return of 78%.
It is not unusual for the price of a stock to rise or fall significantly after an earnings report. This potential for a stock to move in
response to an earnings report creates trading opportunities. Making trades based around the earnings announcements of
stocks is nothing new - but now OptionVue introduces a revolutionary set of tools for trading options around earnings plays.

There are five different kinds of earnings plays that are tracked by Optionvue – two that most people are familiar
with and three that are completely new. Lists of stocks that are exceptional plays are brought directly into the OptionVue
Quotes Display, where you can manage them and sort them in different ways. Sorted by announcement date, it is easy to tell
which ones are “on deck” and when to put on a position. The program includes a new "weekly planner" that shows every
trade that needs to be placed in the coming week, as well as in further weeks.