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OptionVue version 8.42 started shipping June 12, 2018.

Addressing the problems caused by a very large SPX Matrix

In a recent (previous) release, we made changes allowing the user to include a great deal more of the existing SPX options in the SPX matrix.
As we did this, we did not realize the problems it would cause when our customers decided to go ahead and “load up”. Surprisingly, more than
13,000 SPX options are now in existence. That is a staggering number!

We made a couple of changes to help the program handle this better. For one thing, we found that the program, when in BackTrader mode,
would sometimes go to the server for data even though locally stored data was available. We fixed that. However, we would also like to that our
customers watch the symbol count and take steps to reduce the number of SPX options included in your matrix. That will allow the program to
update each option more frequently and improve overall performance.

Here are some specific suggestions:

1. Use no greater than “Small” for the ITM Extents.

2. Set the Strike Intervals to 10 or greater.

3. Hold the number of expirations down to just the few you are truly interested in. If you’re interested in the weeklys but not necessarily the nearby weeklys, then use “Exclude the nearest n Weeklys” to keep the nearby weeklys out of the Matrix.


1. When opening a Matrix that has more than 4,000 options, a friendly warning is displayed, suggesting that it would be best to reduce the number of strikes or expirations. This warning will be displayed no more than once/day.

2. When renaming an account, the program automatically fills in the name of the currently active account so you can use that as a starting point.

Special Tip with Regard to the Collect BackTrader Data feature

Working with BackTrader can be so much faster when you first collect and store files locally. As you set up to use this feature (found under the
Data tab in the main menu), please keep in mind that the program is only going to collect prices on the options of interest – the options showing in the matrix of the asset that you are collecting data for.

Problem Fixes

1. When working with a very large SPX matrix, there could be delayed responses to keystrokes and mouse clicks. We were able to make this
work quite a bit better.

2. When importing trades From TOS into the T.Log, it is now possible to click the “Date” column header to instantly sort the incoming trades by

3. When exporting matrix data, and including each option’s expiration date, the program was not always outputting the option’s official expiration
date. Sometimes it would be one day later. This was corrected.

4. If you went back to Jan 1, 2001 in BackTrader, then clicked the Calendar button, the program would error out. This was corrected.

5. When sending asset files to tech support, if you entered the symbol of a “class” stock such as LGF.A, the program would error out. This was

6. When working in BackTrader with an extremely large SPX matrix (i.e. 6,000+ options), the program could fill in some but not all of the option’s
prices. This was corrected.

7. During the process of collecting BackTrader data, if the program came to a historical date when our data center was experiencing problems, a
warning popup could interrupt the process. We changed this so that no popup would happen during the process of collecting BackTrader data.

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