Enhancements coming soon

1. We will develop a new, better interface for quotes from IB or TOS that involves a separate process (a service app) that will
be launched and automatically run in the background for channeling quotes.  This will relieve OptionVue of the burden (and
interference) of processing so many Windows messages.

2. We will soon re-visit the pricing model that was developed a year ago but put “on ice”.  We want to see if it can be developed
into a truly superior model.  One goal is to get a better curve fit so that fair values in the Matrix come closer to actual market
prices.  Another goal is to develop a model that accurately anticipates changes in the shapes of the skew curves in response to
possible market moves.  Don’t worry, the pricing model in the software now will be kept and given a name, perhaps “the golden
oldie”, and users will be allowed to switch between this and the new model.  At the same time, we want to improve upon the
current volty skew graphics and add the ability to show IV skews of different dates, current and past.

3. As of January 1st, we began storing BackTrader data on 15 minute intervals.  In the near future we will change OptionVue
and allow it to access data on these intervals.

4. Miscellaneous other improvements per customer input.
OptionVue version 8.15 started shipping March 10, 2017.

Problem Fixes

1. When using TOS or IB for quotes, quotes would be automatically suspended while typing a number in the Matrix, but not
when the number started with a negative sign.  In release 8.14 we changed this and made quotes be suspended when a
negative sign was typed.  However, in the process of making this change, we accidentally made it so typing digits did not
suspend quotes reception.  This was corrected in this release.

2. When using TOS for quotes, stock volume numbers were off by a factor of 100, and many stocks showed zero volume.  This
was corrected.
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