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OptionVue version 8.41 started shipping April 27, 2018.


The $SPX has, for a long time, had two different expirations that happen on the 3rd Friday of each month – one that is AM
settled and the other that is PM settled.  The AM settled one is the original, long-standing “standard” expiration.  The PM settled
one has been in existence since 2011.  Until now, we have only been able to include the AM settled one in the $SPX matrix.  
However, it is now possible to include the PM settled ones also, which we are calling the “3rd Friday Weeklys”, in the Define |
AutoStrike form:
2. The ES matrix now accommodates Monday and Wednesday weeklys.  It also does a better job of setting up the Friday
weeklys.  For example, it does not set up expirations that do not exist.  Also, the expiration headers in the Matrix will show “MON”
and “WED” now (for Monday and Wednesday).  Those headers also show “MON” and “WED” for the SPX and SPY Monday and
Wednesday weeklys in the SPX and SPY matrixes.

3. When trades are automatically entered into the T.Log, whether it be by doing Convert Trades or by importing trades using an
external file, we made it so the description of each equity option includes the official expiration date rather than the day following

4. We added a setting under Preferences | Portfolio Manager for controlling the sort order of Trade ID’s in every Trade ID drop-
down control in the program.  You can now sort alphabetically, reverse alphabetically, historically, or reverse historically.
5. It is possible to display IV numbers using 2 decimal places of precision now.  This is a setting that can be changed in the
Preferences area, under Matrix:
6. In Tools | Earnings Search, we expanded the number of days that can be included from 5 to 10.

Problem Fixes

1. In Graphic Analysis, if a short leg of a position was reversed (into a long position) at some point in the past, the program could
display a wrong overall gain/loss.  This was corrected.

2. In the Matrix, if Collapse Exps was checked and the user clicked to change the cell format, unexpected things changed in the
Matrix.  This was corrected.

3. When using TOS quotes with OptionVue, the program was not updating symbols $DJI and $DJT as it should.  TOS had
changed something in their software and we just needed to catch up with it.

4. We got quotes reception for the RTY (Russell 2000) futures options working well with IB.

5. In the Matrix, after pressing Ctrl-T or Ctrl-W to copy theoretical option prices into Lasts, the program was not computing MIV for
the options with no bid/ask prices.  Now it does.

6. Also in the Matrix, when highlighting a column header in order to focus on the G/L’s of the positions in that particular expiration,
the program was not including the previously realized G/L’s associated with those positions.  Now it does.

7. Starting in version 8.32, we made it so all equity option LEAPs were not considered LEAPs anymore, but just standard
options.  This was not intended.  In this release we put things back to the way they should be.

8. In a futures options matrix, after defining option strikes to be on fine intervals, the program would not allow the user to switch to
coarser intervals.  We corrected this.

Under Consideration for the Next Release

An interface with IB for order flow, plus miscellaneous other improvements per customer input.